Cambridge Technology Partners
Cambridge, MA

SubenDougherty designed and completed a new 155,000 square foot corporate headquarters in Cambridge, MA for Cambridge Technology Partners, Inc. The facility occupies the new nine story building at 8 Cambridge Center, a property developed by Boston Properties. SubenDougherty has created an environment which inspires staff collaboration, teamwork and flexibility. An emphasis on open space and an abundance of “creature comforts” stimulate the sharing of ideas. CTP set the tone for the headquarters’ design by requiring that the environment foster its unique culture: where the nurturing of staff “buzz” (informational cross pollination) stimulates productivity and encourages a healthy competitive spirit. SubenDougherty’s design weaves unique features into the workplace to bolster the CTP culture. There’s a game room, coffee bar on each floor, a fully equipped gym on the ground floor, “quiet rooms” for peaceful contemplation on every floor and lockers and numerous “phone booths” throughout the building for cubicle-bound and hoteling staff. The entire second floor is devoted to state-of-the-art multi-media staff training rooms.