The CementBloc
New York, NY

Throughout the course of the last decade, SubenDougherty has designed and implemented four new office locations for the ever-expanding advertising agency known as the Cementworks. SubenDougherty designed the original offices for the Cementworks, founded in 1999, when it was a fledgling 4 person agency; the Cementworks is now just one of four unique agencies under the umbrella name the CementBloc and employs over 200 people. The new 36,000 square foot offices on Fifth Avenue and 21st Street are an adjunct to the 20,000 square foot headquarters that SubenDougherty previously designed at Sixth Avenue and 20th Street. The sun-filled loft environment spans 3 floors of a landmark building, the design showcases the original architectural features of the building and incorporates a number of open-air brainstorming environments which have become the preferred mode of meeting amongst the predominantly young and creative staff.