Chelsea’s Table
A Natural Cafe

New York, NY

Chelsea’s Table, located at Chelsea Piers recreational complex on the Hudson River, is the first of what will be a chain of healthy food cafes throughout the metropolitan area. A cafe that serves all organic “Healthy Food — Fast” was a concept conceived of by former Stonyfield Farm CEO Gary Hirshberg who, since leaving Stonyfield Farms, is now CEO of this fledgling chain of cafes. All of the food served at Chelsea’s Table is organic with as much of the produce as possible sourced from local farmers. The cafe also features a Stonyfield Farm Dairy Bar serving frozen yogurt and ice cream bars.

SubenDougherty chose to showcase the pier’s gutsey steel trusses and high ceilings and created a light and airy loft ambiance. In keeping with the cafe’s organic and sustainable mission, the majority of the materials integrated into the interior design are green, non–toxic and readily renewable. These materials include bamboo floors, no VOC paints, recycled rubber flooring and reclaimed wood wall cladding and furniture. The reclaimed wood adds a unique texture and warmth to the space and has become a signature element for the cafe. Operable windows looking out onto the beautiful Hudson River Park gardens were enlarged helping to blur the lines between the interior environment and nature beyond.