Hospital for Special Surgery Main Entry Renovation — The David H. Koch Pavilion
New York, NY

SubenDougherty has designed what is the most visible project at the Hospital for Special Surgery, the main entry procession connecting East 70th Street to East 71st Street. Prior to the new renovation this most prominent space, which is a two story covered drive-through that serves as the drop-off point for all patients and visitors of the hospital, was dark and uninviting. As a first impression, the unwelcoming and utilitarian feel it projected was in direct opposition to the extraordinary care and cheerful ambiance that the hospital is lauded for. The redesign specifically targeted the need to lighten and brighten this space; warm white limestone wall panels line the drive, a pattern of new pavers creates texture and dimension to what was once an asphalt roadway and, most critically, the introduction of a system of LED indirect lighting coves at the ceiling plane and walls, creates the illusion of daylight penetrating the space. A very generous donation made by David H. Koch, a trustee of the hospital, catalyzed this renovation and will enable many other important projects at the hospital; in response, the hospital has named the existing main hospital building the David H. Koch Pavilion. In addition to the architectural design, SubenDougherty suggested the idea of installing a new iconographic focal point at the hospital entrance and went on to design a large scale mosaic sculpture that has been installed directly across from the entry vestibule. The Hospital for Special Surgery's location on the shore of the East River served as an inspiration. The blue mosaic bands that “grow” out of the limestone wall panels are evocative of water and speak to its healing and restorative powers.