Robert Isabell’s Diamond Meat Building
New York, NY

Hot on our boards, and also within the Gansevoort Market Historic District, is a new building at the prime corner of Washington Street and West 13th Street directly across from the newly opened Standard Hotel and the Highline Elevated Railway. We are currently shepherding the design through the Landmarks’ approval process, and in accordance with Landmarks’ directives, retaining an existing 1938 Moderne-style market building that represents the district’s last phase of industrial development. The existing market building will be repaired, renovated, and graced with a new-wrap around marquee and will house a mix of boutique retail tenants.

A three-story addition to the existing building is planned, and will be purpose-built for use as photography and film studios. The addition features wide expanses of glass set in a galvanized steel armature, and is completely wrapped by a trellis-like exoskeleton of balconies that will support the planting and support of hardy English Ivy all year-round. The project seeks LEED Gold certification, and features the following innovative sustainable technologies and features:

  • Vertical Axis Wind Turbines to supply a significant portion of the building’s electrical requirements.
  • Extensive vegetation supported by a water-efficient drip irrigation system utilizing captured rainwater and treated greywater instead of fresh, potable water.
  • High-efficiency plumbing fixtures will be used to further lessen the use of potable water for non-drinking applications.
  • Green Roofs to insulate and absorb solar radiation, lessening the impact of the Urban Heat Island Effect.
  • State-of-the art glazing materials, such as Heat Mirror brand glass, will be used to provide light and air for over 90% of building occupants while improving thermal and energy efficiency.
  • Wrap-around balconies filter sunlight to reduce glare and heat gain.
  • Re-use of existing building preserves neighborhood character while diverting construction refuse from the waste stream.